:Upcoming Events:


December, 2023

Sunday, Dec. 10th, 2023

Volunteer Day

11:00 AM EST


Sunday, Dec. 24th, 2023

Christmas Eve

05:30 PM EST


:Our Inspiration:

Swami Vivekananda

Sri Ramakrishna

Holy Mother Sarada Devi

Vedanta Society of Toronto is primarily dedicated to the spiritual development and social service. The Society is a branch center under the spiritual leadership of the Ramakrishna Order of India.

Uddhava Gita

Dec. 1st, 15th - 7:30 PM

Sunday Lectures

Sundays - 11:00 AM

Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

Dec. 8th, 22th - 7:30 PM


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Experience the moments that bind the people with the ideas of Vedanta Society.


Our Bookstore carries books, photos, CD's from the Ramakrishna Order.


Services offered by volunteering in Soup Kitchen, Food Bank, Yoga Day.


Our Cultural education initiative for the young minds and childrens of the Vedanta Society.


Become a part of and participate in the different activities of Vedanta Society.

My Divine Mother is not only formless, She has forms as well. One can see Her forms. One can behold Her incomparable beauty through feeling and love. The Mother reveals Herself to Her devotees in different forms.

-- Sri Ramakrishna