Spiritual Activities

Annual Summer Retreat 2024:

The Vedanta Society will hold its Annual Summer Retreat, details as mentioned below. Swami Sarvapriyananda, Minister-in-Charge, Vedanta Society of New York, will be conducting the Retreat in person.

Day 1 - June 29, 2024
Day 2 - June 30, 2024

  • Registration fee $150 per person.

  • Participants are requested to email their names for registration to toronto@rkmm.org before June 1st, 2024. The direction for depositing the Registration Fee and subsequently the Confirmation of Registration, will be sent by the Vedanta Society on First Come First Served basis.


A Vigil consisting of Japa and Meditation is observed monthly once, from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For dates kindly see ‘Calendar of Events’. If you want to participate in this activity, please contact toronto@rkmm.org.

Vesper Service:

Vesper service is conducted every day in the evenings from 6:00PM to 7:00PM. This consists of
Aratrikam, Gita chanting, Vishnu Sahasranam chanting, Devotional songs and Reading from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna.

Special Vesper service on Sundays consists of regular vesper service as mentioned above, but also includes singing on consecutive Sundays, Ramakrishna nam samkirtan, Sarada nam samkirtan, Ram nam samkirtan, Shyam nam samkirtan and Shiva nam samkirtan.

Meditation follows the Vesper service, every day in the evenings from 7:00PM to 7:30PM.

Sunday Lectures:

Sunday Service is conducted every Sunday from 11:00AM to 12:00PM every Sunday, except during the vacation months. This includes lectures on various Spiritual and Vedantic thoughts delivered by Swami Kripamayananda, other Guest Swami's, and other distinguished speakers. For details, please see the Newsletter - ‘Calendar of Events’.

Scripture Classes:

Friday Scripture Classes is conducted in-person or online by Swami Kripamayananda. The class is open to all interested persons. For details, please see the Newsletter - 'Calendar of Events'.


Swami Kripamayananda, Minister-in-Charge, will be happy to give interviews to those interested in knowing more about Vedanta, other spiritual topics and meditation. If interested, please contact the society 416-240-7262 or via email: toronto@rkmm.org.